Submit a Theft Report


Submitting this report will significantly increase the chance that your equipment will be recovered.

You will be asked to provide information on you, the stolen equipment, loss details and insurance information and to accept our Terms & Conditions. NER will only use this information to help recover your stolen item.

An accurate Product Identification Number (PIN) is needed to complete this report. If you do not have that number at hand, please stop here and return with the full and accurate PIN. The correct model number should also be included. Note that PINs may also be referred to as Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) or Serial Numbers.

A Police Report number is also required for this report to be considered a "theft"; otherwise the item will be considered "missing". If you do not have the Police Report number, please stop here and return once you or the owner has filed a police report.

You will only be able to submit a maximum of five pieces of equipment with each report. If you wish to submit more than five pieces, or need help completing this form, please contact NER at 1-866-6-NERUSA for assistance.