NER provides a due diligence service for commercial lenders as a part of our IRONcheck® service. It allows lenders to thoroughly investigate used equipment prior to issuing a loan, and it addsba layer of protection to secured assets against theft and fraud for the entire duration of the lender's financial interest in the equipment.

We designed IRONcheck for lenders to:

  • verify whether or not the machine's history includes a theft report
  • provide available vehicle history and finance records
  • review the machine's identification information and verify that the serial number corresponds with make, model, and year
  • assist in determining the machine's current market value
  • add a layer of protection against future fraud or theft for the duration of a lender's financial interest in a machine

To find out more or to create a customized IRONcheck program contact us.

Once a loan is issued, IRONwatch® can be used as a means to keep track of a piece of equipment in the case that an individual defaults and the equipment needs to be recovered or located. There is no monthly fee for the device. It offers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for lenders that they will get full returns on their investment.