Unit Sale Price: $398 + tax

Theft Activation Fee:
There is no monthly fee to keep the tracking device on the network; you only pay the IRONwatch activation charge of $200 to locate your machine in the event of theft. Contact NER and we will activate your device, track your assets in real time, and coordinate the recovery effort with local law enforcement.

Theft activation fee: $200

Ping Packages:
If you would like to quickly locate your equipment but don’t require law enforcement involvement, you can choose to ”ping” your device and NER will electronically deliver a map with your equipment location highlighted. This allows you to easily and quickly determine where your asset is.


Number of Pings

Ping Package Cost




Purchase the device $398.00

Ping Package













*If you own more than one IRONwatch device ping packages are transferable. Ping packages are only good for 1 year from date of purchase.


A $200 activation fee for service and support will be applied only in the event the item is stolen.

Financing Option Available:
Please contact NER for information regarding finance options for IRONwatch purchases.



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