Heavy Equipment Tracking & Recovery

In 2010, more than 13,000 pieces of equipment were reported stolen across the U.S. IRONwatch is a new tracking and recovery device that finds your missing equipment and helps law enforcement recover it.

Economically Priced
After your initial IRONwatch purchase, you pay nothing more-unless you need to activate the device. In collaboration with AT&T business solutions, IRONwatch utilizes a unique “sleeping SIM card.” The device is left in sleep mode until you need to activate it, so, unlike other companies, we don’t charge a continuous monitoring fee.

Free HelpTech Registration
NER provides a free HELPtech registration with the purchase of every IRONwatch device. Applying the HELPtech decal to your equipment helps deter would-be thieves.

Quick Check
If an owner wishes to quickly determine the location of a piece of equipment that is in use or being rented, there is a low-cost option to “ping” the equipment. The IRONwatch team will turn the device on briefly and then tell you where that machine is currently located.

Around the World Tracking
IRONwatch can track your equipment in more than 60 countries around the world.

Financing Option Available:
Please contact NER for information regarding finance options for IRONwatch purchases.


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