Demand for heavy equipment is on the rise – bringing with it an increase in theft. Whether it’s farm equipment, construction equipment or other big iron, the market for stolen machinery is thriving – an illegal “industry” estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars a year. Meanwhile, you still need to pay your bills, and that can mean rental expenses, penalties for delays, and costly downtime – money you never really get back. And in the end, the odds of recovery are extremely low.

Give yourself an advantage.

Register your equipment with HELPtech® (Heavy Equipment Loss Prevention Technology), powered by the National Equipment Register (NER), and improve the likelihood of recovery when you are the victim of heavy equipment theft. With HELPtech, you gain a critical resource in tracking your equipment after it is stolen, recovering the machine, and having it back in business much faster.

With no other national equipment registration program in place, NER has become the main source for law enforcement when trying to identify construction and agriculture equipment.

Heavy equipment registration through HELPtech will:

  • Help law enforcement identify your equipment after a theft, increasing the odds and speed of recovery significantly
  • Deter thieves, through the HELPtech warning decals we supply to our members
  • Send theft alerts on behalf of our clients to regional law enforcement
  • Help you file a theft report using properly formatted serial numbers
  • Provide you with online access to your equipment over our secure server

HELPtech is among the most affordable and effective heavy equipment theft prevention and recovery tools on the market, costing as little as $75 for up to five machines. And, the insurance industry supports it: many insurers offer incentives, such as deductible waivers, when you register your equipment with HELPtech.

Get started now – it only takes a few minute to register – and protect your business for years to come.


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