HELPtech® Pricing Info


You can choose to register your items for a onetime charge $40 per machine or via annual bands enabling you to register up to a given number of items at anytime.

Lifetime Per item $40
Annual Level Number of items Annual Fee
1 1 to 5 $75
2 6 to 10 $100
3 11 to 20 $180
4 21 to 50 $400
5 51 to 100 $700
6 over 100 call NER for pricing

Owners can securely and confidentially register their equipment online or by sending data files to NER analysts for quality control and upload.

NER offers discounts to members of many associations and those insured by member companies or agencies. Discount codes can be obtained directly from participating company or by calling NER. Additionally many insures are now offering significant theft deductible waivers for registered equipment and ARA members are granted free access.

Registration includes secure, password-protected and searchable access to registered items.

NER decal - click to videw as PDF
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Decals are provided to let potential thieves know that the item is registered on the database marking it as a more risky item to steal due to the increased likelihood of detection while moving, storing or selling the equipment. Even if the decal is removed, the item will still be registered — and the thief knows this.


Register your equipment with HELPtech