Owners of off-road construction and agriculture equipment register their machines through NER's HELPtech service to deter theft and increase the chances of recovery in the event of a theft. NER offers discounted rates for associations and policy holders of participating insurers. American Rental Association (ARA) members may register up to 1,000 machines at no cost. Additionally, a growing number of insurers now offer significant incentives for those who do register with HELPtech.

IRONwatch allows owners to keep track of their fleet without the burden of a monthly fee. The devices contain a “sleeping SIM card” that can be activated when you want to locate a machine.  Activation services are available without the need to alert law enforcement through “PING” packages. In the case your equipment is stolen, a Theft Activation can be purchased for real-time GPS tracking of the device. This service is essential for the equipment owner who is looking to protect his or her investment from theft.