After studying and identifying key issues with the equipment theft problem in the United States, David Shillingford founded the National Equipment Register in 2001. Through discussions with insurers, equipment owners and law enforcement it became clear that a significant improvement in the way information is shared between different segments of the equipment industry, their insurers and law enforcement was a critical and cost-effective part of the solution.

NER is designed to help facilitate information sharing with insurers, equipment owners, and law enforcement. We manage a custom-designed database that records equipment theft and ownership records, offers analytic tools and assistance to the insurance and law enforcement industry, quality-controls the equipment details of loss reports to ensure data accuracy, and employs a skilled team of equipment analysts with close industry contact.

NER obtains its funding from the insurance industry, HELPtech® registrations, IRONcheck® service, and IRONwatch® purchases. 

National Equipment Register (NER) is a Verisk Analytics business.